Exercise for Senior Citizens At 50 And Beyond

Even a small amount of increased physical activity can benefit your functional health. This means getting in and out of your home to attend church, going for a walk, and getting your own mail without the assistance of someone else.

Benefits of Regular Exercise for Senior Citizens

  • Improved Overall Health
  • Smaller Waistline
  • Lowered Risk of Bone Fracture Including Hips
  • Stabilized Blood Sugar Reducing Type II Diabetes
  • Better Balance and Bone Strength

Levels of Senior Citizen Exercise Workouts

There are three basic levels of activity to discuss when thinking about exercise for Senior Citizens, the first is sedentary. This is where many senior citizens fall unfortunately. This means you are getting little or no regular physical exercise. Sedentary individuals take less the 10,000 steps a day and their risk of falls; illness and disease are much greater than seniors in the next group.

The second group of seniors we want to discuss is those who get moderate physical activity each day. Moderate activity should be the goal of most seniors to keep them healthy and independent. Brisk walking, dancing, bicycling, swimming, dance and exercise DVD’s are excellent examples of exercise that will raise the heart rate, but allow you to breathe and talk normally.

The final level of activity for the more active seniors is vigorous activity. This level means your heart rate has increased to the level that you are not able to talk and exercise at the same time. Some examples might include running, tennis or other high-intensity exercises.

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Senior Exercise the Answer to Anti-Aging

Aging and lack of physical activity are often associated with health issues like loss of balance causing falls, forms of arthritis causing stiffness and pain, breathing problems and sleep apnea, stroke, heart disease and even some cancers. These conditions are attributed to the limited activity and excess weight from a decrease in your muscle tone and RMR from not getting enough movement as we age.

How to Increase Your Physical Activity Level

Increasing your activity especially if you fall into the sedentary level of seniors may seem like a daunting task. The good news is that is not necessarily true. Starting an exercise program can be fun and easier to start than you might think.

The most important issue is to find some activity you enjoy. Remember you don’t need to spend a fortune on a home gym to reach your peak fitness level. Some ideas that cost little or nothing are walking, dancing or water aerobics. Start slowly and increase your time and intensity each week or so. As always it’s a good idea to visit your doctor, especially if you have health issues already.





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