Fundamental Differences between Medicare Supplement Plans and Medicare Advantage Plan

Medicare supplementary plans and Medicare advantage plan both are beneficial for the clients.  Best medicare supplement plans to save a lot of money by preventing the excessive expenditure of money during treatment. These two policies have some essential variations.

Medicare supplement plans Vs. Medicare Advantage Plan

There are some basic differences between Medicare supplementary plans and Medicare Advantage plans. These are as follow:

  • Supplementary plans usually cover up the costs of all or some of Part A and Part B of original Medicare. On the other hand, Medicare Advantage plans combine both Part A and Part B costs.
  • The price of the premium of these supplementary policies may differ according to your age and health status or both of these. In case of Medicare Advantage plans, this premium price does not vary. The price remains the same in spite of health history or age of the client.
  • Drug coverage is not included in the supplementary policies. The client should purchase another separate Part D policy to get this facility. Most of the Medicare Advantage plans cover Part D policy.
  • Medicare supplement plans have no quality ratings. On the contrary, advantage plans to provide quality ratings. Five-star ratings are regarded as the most excellent.
  • In case of selection of doctors, these two policies have their differences. Any physician who has previously treated in the Medicare plan can treat in the supplementary policy. In advantage policy, any HMO or PPO plan provider can attend. In some cases especially in critical situations, PPOs cost much.
  • You can purchase supplementary policies after reaching 65 years. This facility can be taken six months after enrollment of Part B plan. After that, you have to pay more for the existing conditions. In advantage plan, you have to first sign up both the Part A and Part B Medicare policies.
  • For the supplementary plans, you have to keep three cards in your wallet. These are one red, white and blue Medicare card, the second one is the Medicare supplement card, and the third is Part D card. Red, white and blue Medicare card is only required in case of the advantageous
  • In case of both advantage plan and supplementary policies, they go through some vital paperwork.
  • Medical supplementary plans cover up several benefits which are not covered by the original Medicare. On the contrary advantage, plans are the means to get several Medicare benefits.



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