Growing old is a stage of life. If care is not exercised by the people getting to this stage, health complications often occur.

Amongst these are diseases such as High blood pressure, diabetes, heart attack, prostate cancer and even stroke.


All these can are reduced if one purpose to live a healthy life if he is willing to have medical checkups and follow the directions that the health advisers give, and also being able to sense the warning signals before it strikes.

There are several steps that one can start early enough to ensure that the risks are reduced which include:

  1. Eating healthy foods—Strive to ensure that the diet that you take is balanced at all times, and they are rich in fiber, have low fats, and most important eat meat that has a high concentration of omega 3. Such as fish.

Avoid eating red meat which has high content of cholesterol.

  1. Avoid smoking entirely- Smoking has many side effects including lung cancer and when old. It will promote the disease if continued smoking and the body tissues have already started to wear out due to old age. There are available treatments that doctors can offer to help a person stop smoking.
  2. Quit drinking- If unable to quit drinking altogether, visit a doctor who may advise the level at which you may drink and that it may not affect the body in future. But for a complete health check, it is advisable to quit drinking altogether.
  3. Always exercise- Exercise helps in keeping the body physically fit and the brain alert. Among the activities are swimming, jogging, among others for at least 30 minutes daily.
  4. Watch your body weight- Most times when one is not active, you may tend to sit and eat which may end up causing obesity and will bring side effects. It is therefore essential to have controlled food portions and reduced fats.
  5. Schedule doctor visits for regular checkups- This enhances maintaining your health and should there be an instance where the body is not fit; then the doctor can detect it early enough and counter it before it extends further.

Some of the checkups may include, Dental checkups, Optical checks, taking pneumonia vaccines after a given duration and once in a while an overall body check. Choosing aarp medicare supplement plans 2019 can help with the cost of medical care.


It is upon the person who is above the age of 65 to take an initiative of purposing to live healthy by following any available tips without fail to prolong his life before it gets too late. Always plan for the old age during the times that you were strong and ensure that nothing interferes with your plan.

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